Voucher Leap Sponsored Products Analysis

Make sense of your ad spend.

Make sense of your ad spend

Automatically download weekly reports

One time set up and we will automatically fetch your ad report every week and analyze it.

Organized for your needs

Automatically breaks down data by campaign and keyword. Sort, filter, and search your reports by Spend, ACoS, Sales and more so you can make informed decisions.


Easily track your ad performance as it changes over time.

Data Filtering and Sorting

Filter through the unnecessary data to find the most important keywords instantly.

Save all historical data

Amazon only saves the last 90 days of data. We save all of it.

High Level Insights

Instantly see your key metrics such as ACoS, total spend, total sales, conversion rate and more!

CPC Optimizer

Max Bid Calculator

How much can you bid per click before you start losing money? Calculate exactly how much profit you will make and the best CPC bid to optimize profits.

Overbid Corrector

Immediately see which keywords you are overbidding and underbidding for.

Voucher Leap Sponsored Products Analysis is just ONE of the many features you get when you sign up for Voucher Leap.