Voucher Leap Campaigns

Don't just give your coupons away for free. Build an email list along the way.

How it works

  • 1

    Give us an ASIN

    We will automatically fetch your reviews, bullets, price and images from your Amazon listing and create a landing page for your product.

  • 2

    Submit to coupon groups

    Direct customers to your page through review groups or Facebook ads.

  • 3

    Remarket to generate recurring sales

    Market future promotions to your email list or request reviews directly.

Landing Page Creator

Visitors that are redirected to your listing from a landing page are 4 - 8 times more likely to convert. Higher conversions = higher rankings.

Easy Way to Capture Leads

Create email campaigns that will distribute coupons in exchange for email addresses.

Landing Page Customization

Automatically fetches data from your Amazon Listing. Add countdown timers, coupon counters, video ads, and more!

Facebook and Google Tracking Pixels support

Install Facebook and Google Tracking Pixels to the pages to easily retarget to your visitors on Facebook.


Analytics Dashboard

Tracking for number of visitors, clicks, clickthroughs, emails, and more visualized instantly..

A/B Testing for Landing Page Optimizations

Easily compare the performance of different campaigns.


Email Campaigns

Create landing pages that distribute coupons via email and build an emailing list to generate recurring revenue.

Your Data

We will never share any of your data. Export the emails to CSV and use them with any of your favorite email clients.

Voucher Leap campaigns is just ONE of the many features you get when you sign up for Voucher Leap.