Selling on Amazon is hard. Now, it doesn't have to be.

Use our set of tools to help you with every aspect of your Amazon workflow.

Refund Finder

When a customer requests a refund for an item, Amazon takes that money from your account immediately. The customer then has 45 days to return the item. If they do not, the refund is void. However, Amazon may not refund that money back to your account. We will get it back for you.

Automatically Finds Overdue Refunds.

Every week, we search through all of your refunds to find ones that are overdue and notify you about them.

Suggests the message that should be submitted to Seller Support.

After we find them, we will write the message you should send to Seller Support. All you have to do is copy and paste.

Product Landing Pages

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Auto Rotating Single-Use Coupons

Copy and paste some number of single-use coupons from Amazon. We will automatically show a new coupon to every unique user who visits the page.

Fully Featured Landing Pages

Integrate Facebook tracking pixels, show amazon reviews, bullets, images, all with just a one-click set up.

Send Targeted Traffic to Your Listing

Visitors that redirect to your listing from a landing page are 4 - 8x more likely to convert. Higher conversions equals higher rankings.

Seller Mail Beta

From asking for product reviews to providing better customer service, we'll do it automatically for you after every purchase, shipment or delivery.

Email Templating

Easily write personalized emails with the most powerful email templater in the industry. Type in [buyer_first_name] and we will automatically replace it with the buyers first name.

Customizable Emails

Write anything you want in your emails -- Of course, we have some suggestion templates!

Custom Messages for Repeat Buyers

Send a different email for customers who have purchased from you more than once to increase feedback and reviews.

Product Finder

Find products in the Amazon marketplace that match your search criteria to find low competition niches.

Filter by Oversized, Price, Sales Rank, Customer Reviews, and Rating

Search through items have have a good sales rank and poor reviews to find what niches are underserved.

Updated Constantly

All items are updated once a month so you can be sure you are always getting the most up to date data.

Search Term Report Analysis

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Keyword Analysis

See exactly which keywords you should bid more on and which ones you should stop bidding for.


Aggregate multiple search term reports together to get a lifetime performance report.

Advertising Trends

See whether or not your CPC advertising is getting better or worse over time.

Product Spy

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Keep tabs on how your competitors are doing.

Amazon Product Tracker

Spy on the sales and inventory of competitors products to see exactly when and how much they sell. Spy on their total sales, total inventory, total revenue, and much more.

Amazon Keyword Tracker

Track the exact rank for a product for any search keyword. Easily monitor where you rank for important keywords relative to your competitors.

Amazon Sales Rank Tracker

Track the sales rank of any product to see how its trending over time.

Build Powerful Email Lists

Building email lists is hard. Giving out coupons is a great way to build one. Create an email campaign in Voucher Leap to create a landing page that requires a visitor to submit their email before getting sent a coupon.

Email Campaigns

Easily create landing pages that require an email to be submitted for a coupon is emailed to them.

Email Management Tools

We automatically group all emails based on what product's coupon your visitor claimed so you can see your customers interests.

Everything you need to scale your Amazon business for one low price