Voucher Leap Refund Finder

Recover at least $30 every month in overdue fees, or your money back!

Refund Finder

When a customer requests a refund, Amazon immediately takes money from your account, and returns it to the customer. The customer then has 45 days to return the product. However, many customer don't return the product. This money should be credited back to you, but often times, Amazon will forget. We will find all the overdue refunds from the past year, and make sure Amazon returns the money to you.

Automatically downloads data weekly

One time set up and we will automatically fetch your customer returns report and transactions report every week, and analyze the data to find the overdue refunds

Stay Organized

Keeps track of which refunds you've already submitted to seller support to be reimbursed, and which refunds are newly discovered.

Voucher Leap Refund Finder is just ONE of the many features you get when you sign up for Voucher Leap.